Penns Mount
Residential Care Home for the Elderly

10 Vicarage Hill
Devon TQ12 3BA

01626 360274

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Teignbridge Care Home with Assisted Living for the Elderly

Penns Mount is a dedicated care home offering a caring and nurturing environment for the over 60’s in the Teignbridge area. Our beautifully maintained care and assisted living facility is run by a passionate team of staff who are dedicated to meeting your daily needs. You deserve the best level of care in the most stimulating and homely environment.

Unlike some other care facilities, where family members and elderly relatives may feel somewhat forgotten about or excluded, Penns Mount is inclusive. We provide a wide variety of daily activities whereby you are encouraged to engage with the local community wherever possible, with assisted shop visits and various outings all designed to promote your well-being and physical independence whenever this is deemed beneficial.

Please understand we are not A Nursing Home, however, we will care for you until such times as you may need medical intervention and that provision some times goes beyond our remit. However, the majority of our residents live at our home continuously without recourse to a Nursing Home facility. Penns Mount is their home and remains their home, which is what everyone wants.

As well as providing assisted living facilities for a number of more independent residents, we also offer expertly managed dementia care if you are in the early stages of this condition and those with less severe symptoms. Our holistic approach to the well-being of residents means that we always actively encourage family involvement with frequent visits from relatives and grandchildren.

A Room with a View – Find A care Home Near Me in Teignbridge

Our private care home for elderly adults and those with specialist dementia care needs provides comfortable accommodation for 22 residents at any one time and each room has been specially adapted to offer wheelchair access with en suite bathroom facilities and a variety of extras to make life easier for residents and carers. Penns Mount itself is situated in an area of remarkably outstanding beauty, with many rooms boasting panoramic views of the sea or overlooking the impeccably maintained grounds that surround the care home.

Unrivalled Comfort and Peace of Mind with Affordable Fees

At Penns Mount, we offer a safe, quiet and peaceful atmosphere which serves as the perfect home from home environment. Our dedicated staff team are available at all times via an easy-to-use electronic calling system. Whenever emergency care is needed, you can simply alert a member of staff at the touch of a button, and your request for help will be dealt with.

As leading elderly care home providers, we offer one of the finest care homes in the country and prospective residents are encouraged to stay at our facility on a short-term trial basis so that they can familiarize themselves with the daily routine, food, staff, lifestyle and activities we offer before deciding whether or not to stay for the long-term.

At Penns Mount, we are able to cater for the needs of everyone, regardless of race, religion or background and this includes everything from specialist diets and nutritional needs, looking after dementia care patients and assisting those with a wide range of disabilities including diabetes, osteoporosis and elderly patients with general frailty.

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