Penns Mount
Residential Care Home for the Elderly

10 Vicarage Hill
Devon TQ12 3BA

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Terms & Conditions

Please contact Karen Steffe (the Manager) in order to recieve an information brochure.  This will be forwarded by first class mail.

An example of Penns Mount’s Terms and Conditions is detailed below:

Terms and Conditions of Residence

  1. This Agreement is between Penns Mount Limited (‘the registered owner of Penns Mount Residential Care Home hereafter referred to as PML’) and An Other (‘the resident’) and/oranyThird Party Financial Contributor relating to the acceptance by the Resident of accommodation in Penns Mount Residential Care Home (‘the Home’).
  2. Upon payment of the fee set out in Clause 5, PML will provide accommodation, food, light, heating, personal care and laundry services (‘the services’) at the Home.
  3. PML agree to allocate and the Resident accepts the use of accommodation in a single or companion bedroom in the Home from the date of admission (Room Number:)

Some re-allocation of rooms is occasionally necessary to accommodate the specific needs of individual residents.  All room re-allocations will be discussed and agreed with the Resident, relatives and/or Registered Manager.

3a. In the case of double rooms, when one of the residents no longer requires the room, the remaining resident will continue to be financially responsible for the double room, until such time as the following alternatives have been agreed and arranged.

1) To remain as the sole occupier at the rooms current rate
2) To share with a ‘new’ same sex person, at the agreed single rate
3) To move to the first available single room. If the first available single room is not entirely to the liking of the resident, when an alternative appropriate room becomes available, the Home will offer a further room move. (It should be noted however, that other residents and/or their families may also have been given similar commitments and we cannot offer a chronological ‘waiting list’.)

3b. Residents have the option of moving between the main house and the cottage as and when rooms become available and if appropriate to the resident.

  1. Special Conditions relating to The Cottage:
  2. a)      The front door and the individual resident’s rooms are lockable by a key from the outside and by a hand turning device on the inside. Residents will be issued with their own front door key and personal door key for ease of access (staff members will have a master-key which allows access to both doors).
  3. b)    The call bell system is linked into the main house and attended by the carers 24 hours a day.
  4. c)    The facilities of the Cottage shall include the use of the gardens and lounges, other communal rooms and bathrooms in the main house.
  5. d)    Meals can be served at the Cottage if requested or taken with other Residents in the dining room.
  6. The initial weekly fee will be £     (£   per calendar month) for the provision of services depending upon the room and level of care required (in the case of a shared room, the above fee may be reduced). The fee is payable a month in advance.
  7. The weekly fee will normally be reviewed in April of each year.This can be varied in the following circumstances: –
  • If our operating costs are increased due to outside influences such as for instance, the Government increasing the Minimum Wage Rates
  • Where the level of dependency changes, PML may vary the weekly fee payable under Clause 5.
  1. The Resident will be required to pay for specialist treatments which cannot be undertaken by PML employees.Where the Resident needs to attend clinics and surgeries away from the Home, transport and escort costs will also have to be met by the Resident.  The Resident will pay for certain medications which are not covered by a prescription from a GP and have to be purchased from a Chemist.
  2. The Resident will provide or pay for all hairdressing, chiropody, newspapers, clothing, personal toiletries (including incontinence products if not provided by Social Services) aromatherapy and costs incurred through private trips/travel arrangements i.e. taxis. Any organised trips which incur a cost will be notified at the time. Details of current charges can be provided upon request.
  3. The Resident shall occupy the premises as licensee only.This agreement will not create nor is it intended to create the relationship of landlord and tenant between PML and the Resident and the benefit of this agreement shall be personal to the Resident only and shall not be capable of assignment or transfer.
  4. In the event of the Resident being confined in hospital or taking a holiday for a period in excess of 21 days, a Retaining Fee of 95% of the normal weekly fee will be payable.
  5. The Resident shall take reasonable care of PML’s fixtures and fittings at the Home (fair wear and tear excepted).
  6. PML undertake to maintain a high standard of care and to use their best endeavours to maintain registration with the Care Quality Commission.
  7. We expect our prospective long term Residents to enter the Home for a trial period of four weeks (unless agreed otherwise) for the mutual benefit of both the new Resident and of the Home.Should either the Resident or the Home seek to terminate the residency within this trial period, one week’s notice in writing is required, after the trial period, four week’s notice in writing is required.  If the agreement is terminated within the first two weeks, a pro-rata refund of the fee (the 4 week payment in advance) will be given.  In all other circumstances, there will be no refund of fees.
  8. PML reserve the right to summon the support of the Resident’s or the Home’s General Medical Practitioner in case of illness.Under normal conditions, we would expect to care for our Residents for the rest of their lives.  Only in cases where the level of care for the individual is prejudicial to the well being of the Home or where a move is in the best interest of the individual, for example where specialist treatment is required, would a Resident be asked to leave.
  9. PML will keep a record of the Resident’s relevant medical history, General Medical Practitioner and next of kin or any person authorised to act on his or her behalf.
  10. Visiting is unrestricted in normal waking hours.However, PML ask that consideration is given if visiting during meal times.  Meals may be purchased by prior booking and shared with the Resident in the privacy of their room. The management ask for prior contact if visits are made outside normal hours. For security and fire precaution purposes, all visitors should sign the visitor’s book when they arrive and when they leave. Birthdays are celebrated with all Residents by way of a birthday tea, unless previous arrangements are requested.
  11. Some special visits and entertainments are arranged from time to time where these costs are not covered by PML or the Residents Fund.Therefore, Residents may be asked to make a contribution in advance if they wish to attend.
  12. PML will accommodate within each Resident’s room as much of their own furniture and effects as possible and by prior agreement. Our duty to care is of primary importance; therefore some items of furniture may be removed in order to manage the Resident’s care.Residents are also encouraged to bring other small personal effects and pictures to enhance the appearance of their bedroom.
  13. PML will consider Residents bringing a pet into the Home subject to adequate arrangements being agreed for it’s care and providing it does not cause a nuisance to other Residents.If any problems occur that cannot be resolved, Residents may be asked to find an alternative home for the animal.  The Home will provide whatever help is available in a sensitive manner.  Please note that, to ensure food hygiene, pets cannot be allowed into the kitchen or other food areas.
  14. All Resident’s clothing should be marked with the Resident’s name by using the ‘Attach a Tag’ system adopted by Penns Mount, prior to, or on the day of admission, so as to avoid loss.  Information of the product is available from the Manager. PML cannot accept liability for missing clothing.
  15. Basic laundry services are included in the fees.Clothing laundered by us must be machine washable.  Whilst utmost care is taken, PML cannot accept responsibility for shrinkage of any item of clothing or discoloration that may occur in the laundering process.  Residents should make arrangements with the Person in Charge for the dry cleaning or specialist cleaning of any clothing requiring specialist treatment. The Resident is responsible for the cost of any such specialist cleaning.
  16. The Home and it’s contents are insured and a limited cover is provided for Resident’s own possessions (up to £1,000).PML would strongly recommend that items of particular value (for instance jewellery) should either be placed in a bank safe deposit box or given to relatives or a personal representative to look after.  If a Resident insists on keeping valuable items at the Home, PML will require the Resident to insure these items separately. All resident’s rooms are lockable from the inside by a turning knob, if the Resident wishes to have a key to lock the room from the outside, there will be a £10 deposit payable on admission.
  17. Residents of all religions are welcomed and any specific needs should be specified on admission.In addition, we aim to cater for special dietary requirements and these should be discussed with the Person in Charge.
  18. The Home undertakes to discuss the administration of a Resident’s medication with the Resident and the appropriate professional persons, always endeavouring to respect the Resident’s wishes.Relatives and visitors are asked not to bring medication or foods into the Home without consulting the Person in Charge.
  19. Smoking: in the interests of other Residents, staff and visitors – smoking is not permitted within the Home.Guests and visitors are required to comply with this rule.
  20. Alcohol: consumption of alcohol is permitted within reason having regard to the interest of fellow Residents and having ascertained from the Resident’s GP that there will be no contra-indications with regard to current medications.
  21. Residents, or anyone concerned with their welfare, who have any complaints concerning the Home or it’s staff should, in the first instance, bring them to the attention of the Registered Manager, who will do all possible to resolve the matter. Please see Complaints Policy. If it is not satisfactorily resolved through these channels, then a complaint should be made in writing to the Care Quality Commission who can be contacted at Citygate, Gallowgate, Newcastle Upon Tyne NE1 4PA.
  22. All communal areas of the Home are heated to 70 degrees F.Residents may control the heating in their individual rooms to their own satisfaction using the radiators provided.  Residents are requested not to bring into the Home without prior permission of PML, additional apparatus for heating the premises or electrical appliances.  The items will need to be inspected as to their safety and PML reserve the right to refuse the Resident use of the item.
  23. Residents will be familiarised with the fire regulations in force, the fire exits and the fire drill.The lift should never be used in the event of a fire.  Doors with automatic closing devices must not be prevented from closing at any time.  PML reserve the right to require Residents to remove any items on the premises not complying with the current Fire Regulations.
  24. Residents are asked to observe all security arrangements made from time to time by PML and to report any matters that may be prejudicial to the security either of the premises or of any items on the premises.
  25. An important part of each Resident’s Care Plan will be the consideration given to the risks involved in the Resident leaving the Home unaccompanied.This matter will be discussed with the Resident, their relatives and the Care Manager.  Where it is agreed that residents may go out alone, we encourage them to go out as they please for walks, shopping and other social or community activity although we do ask, as a normal courtesy, that Residents give staff an indication of where they are and the likely time of their return.  If, after careful assessment and discussion, it is agreed that it is too risky for residents to go out unaccompanied, we will endeavour to provide as much opportunity as possible for visits with other people. Residents are encouraged to use all the usual facilities in the wider community and a full range of daily activities and outside visits including transport will be available whenever possible.  Residents are also encouraged to go out freely for visits, longer trips and holidays, either with their friends or families or through events organised within the Home.
  26. Residents have the right to refuse to see any visitors and a member of staff at the Home will inform the visitor on their behalf that they do not wish to see them.
  27. Residents have the right to personal privacy at all times.It is of fundamental importance and it will be fully respected by staff within the Home.  Residents have the right to invite whoever they choose into their own personal living space and the opportunity for privacy within any personal relationship.
  28. Residents have the right to make and receive telephone calls in private and to send and receive mail unopened by staff.Residents may also have a telephone installed in their own room with their own private number. However, the Resident will be responsible for all costs including installation, maintenance and telephone calls.
  29. Residents are encouraged to maintain their constitutional rights to register as a voter and vote in elections as they wish.The Home will endeavour to provide assistance to transport Residents to their polling stations.
  30. Residents are encouraged to make a will, and to consider the use of advanced directives if they have not already done so, in order that their wishes with regard to their life choices and financial affairs are respected.Neither PML nor any employees of the Home will provide legal or financial advice.  They will however, make arrangements for professional advisers to visit or for Age Concern Advocacy Service to be contacted.  Neither PML nor staff should be asked to witness/sign legal/financial documents for or on behalf of the Resident with regard to transactions that do not concern the Home.  PML are not responsible for the legal affairs of the Residents.  It is therefore necessary that we are given specific instructions which need to be carried out in the event of the death or significant problem of a Resident.
  31. Residents, relatives and visitors must not cause a nuisance to other Residents, staff or neighbours or play a radio or television so loudly that it disturbs other Residents or staff.In addition, they should not harass other Residents or staff on the grounds of race, colour, religion, disability or other matters that may cause offence or interfere with their peace and comfort in living at the Home.
  32. All information held at the Home regarding the Residents will be treated as confidential, as will be any concerns, aspirations or worries that they may have and choose to discuss with the staff at the Home.Residents have the right to see any information held about them except in a limited number of situations, such as where a Doctor specifically requests in writing that the information is restricted and a reason is given (e.g. where serious harm to the Resident or another person could result). Residents also have the right to request that information be transferred to another service.
  33. Residents are actively involved and consulted in decisions affecting their life so as to maximise their opportunities to make positive choices about their lifestyle.Every effort will be made to ensure that existing social, cultural and community links are maintained.  The staff will put the Resident’s needs and wishes first and they will keep routines to the minimum necessary to ensure the efficient running of the Home.
  34.  The Care Plan and Consent to Treatment and Care. To establish best possible care we will, produce a person centred plan of care with the client and /or their appointed ‘spokes person’ based on the initial and then continuing assessment, this will be regularly updated, and thoroughly implemented. Throughout this process we will seek their consent to treatment and care and request signatures for the same. We will arrange for appropriate professionals to meet the health care needs of each client, establish and carry out careful procedures for the administration of clients’ medicines, take steps to safeguard clients’ privacy and dignity in all aspects of the delivery of health and personal care. We will treat with appropriate care, clients who are dying, and uphold any ‘Advanced Care planning’  requests, sensitively assisting them and their relatives at their ’End of Life experience.’
  35. Residents are encouraged to become involved with as many decisions as possible relating to the running of the Home, including the decor, outings, activities, daily events and menus.  Residents are encouraged to form a committee where comments and suggestions related to life within the Home can be discussed.  Appropriate action will be taken on points raised at these meetings.
  36. Upon the death or departure of the Resident, PML will keep the Resident’s furniture and personal effects for the period secured by the conditions of the Accommodation Agreement.  For any furniture or personal effects left at the Home for a longer period, PML reserve the right to remove the items from the Resident’s room to a safe storage area.  Where furniture and personal effects remain uncollected, PML reserve the right to dispose of these items after a period of six weeks after due notice has been given of their presence.
  37. Unless advised by the Resident or their families, it is acceptable for members of staff of the same or opposite sex to attend to personal needs such as washing.  If this is not acceptable or if, at some time in the future, the Resident or their families wish to change their minds on this point, please advise the Manager who will ensure that your wishes are upheld where possible.
  38. The Home operates a system to help Residents care for their personal expenditure giving the following options: a locked area in each room for the Residents use, a regular invoice settled by cheque either by the Resident or the Resident’s representative or cash and a cash book kept on the Resident’s behalf in the Administration Office.
  39. This agreement supersedes all previous agreements whether written or verbal concerning the Terms and Conditions of Residence at Penns Mount.
  40. As it is the primary role of the staff to provide care to Residents and the handling of cash is time-consuming and security risks, fees should be paid by standing order or cheque.  It should be noted that the Home reserves the right to charge interest at the rate of 2% per calendar month on overdue accounts.

I declare that:
o I am privately funded and I will be paying by standing order or cheque.
o I hereby certify that I will have sufficient funds to meet the fees for a minimum period of 2 years from admission to the Home.

I agree to Penns Mount’s Terms and Conditions of Residency

Name of Resident: ………………………………………..

Signature of Resident ………………………………………..   Date: …………………………..

If acting on behalf of the Resident, please complete the following:

Name: ………………………………………..

Signature: ………………………………………..  Date: …………………………..

Address: ………………………………………..

Power of Attorney [  ] Representative [  ]   Relative [   ] Other [   ] …………………………..

Please tick appropriate box

Relationship ……………………………………….. (i.e. son, daughter, friend)