Penns Mount
Residential Care Home for the Elderly

10 Vicarage Hill
Devon TQ12 3BA

01626 360274

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Questions & Answers

Q How do I know if I will like living at Penns Mount?
A We can offer you a trial visit when you will have the opportunity to sample all that is on offer.  You can meet the management, staff and most importantly, our wonderful family of residents.

Q How will I know that my needs can be met?
A Our Manager will endeavour to meet with you at your own home to discuss your current needs. If this is not possible, assessment can be made by a third party via correspondence and telephone calls.

Q Can I bring items of my own furniture?
A You are very welcome to bring small items of furniture by agreement with Sarah Bracher (our Manager). Obviously for Health and Safety reasons we need to restrict the room from becoming cluttered. It is necessary for all items of furniture to be fire retardant.

Q Can I come and go as I please at Penns Mount?
A Yes, of course, but for your own safety any risks to you must be managed correctly.

Q Will I be able to see my Care Plan and Medication Notes?
A You can request to see these at any time.

Q Can I receive Sky TV?
AYes, you will need to subscribe as an individual to Sky direct as you would in your own home.

Q Will the cost of care rise in the future?
A Yes, it is likely to.  If this is of concern, either speak to Sarah Bracher (our Manager) or for independent specialist advice on long term care funding, contact: Chris Lee on 01392 278 774 or Mobile: 07810 481 248 (Chris Lee is an independant Financial Adviser with many years of experience.  He provides the expertise and help in trying to solve the problems and issues concerning long term care funding for the elderly)

Q Do the owners take an active role in the day to day running of the home?
A As the home is an individually run private business the Director, Elizabeth Aldridge, takes an active role in the everyday life of Penns Mount.

Q What experience does the Manager have?
A The Manager has 18 years experience in care management.

Q How can I find out more about Penns Mount and see a copy of the latest Inspection Report?
A By telephoning for a brochure and making an appointment to see the Manager in order to  view the Home or CLICK on the link in our menu panel, which will take you to the Care Quality Commission site where you can view Penns Mount Inspection Reports.

Q How do I arrange to have a telephone in my room and how do I pay for this?
A There is a telephone point in all rooms and connection can be arranged with BT. Bills will then be sent either to you directly or to whomever looks after your financial affairs.

Q Can I have a newspaper delivered every day?
A Yes, the local newsagent delivers every day to Penns Mount and the bill can be sent either to you directly or to whomever looks after your financial affairs.

Q How do I have my dry cleaning done?
A We can arrange for this to be taken to the local dry cleaners and collected for you.  Normal laundry is undertaken by our staff in-house.

Q How often will my laundry be collected?
ALaundry is collected from rooms daily and normally returned within 24 hours.

Q Will I be registered with a doctor?
A If you are already registered locally this will remain the same. If you are from outside the area then we can register you with a GP of your choice or you may leave that with the staff involved in your care.  If you have a nursing requirement then nurses will visit the home.

Q When can I receive visitors?
A There are no restrictions on visiting hours.

Q How do I make a complaint?
A We have a formal complaints procedure within the home. When you become a resident you will be presented with a Residents guide to the Home which will give you clear guidance on this matter.