Penns Mount
Residential Care Home for the Elderly

10 Vicarage Hill
Devon TQ12 3BA

01626 360274

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Newton Abbot Care and Respite Home for the Elderly

At Penns Mount, we specialize in the delivery of high quality, care and respite for you, with a dedicated, caring and compassionate approach towards meeting your daily needs.

Whereas, unfortunately, many care homes fall short of the mark, we pride ourselves on our commitment to providing a holistic approach to you and your families. The emphasis is on creating a safe and secure, home from home for you.

Please understand we are not A Nursing Home, however, we will care for you until such times as you may need medical intervention and that provision some times goes beyond our remit. However, the majority of our residents live at our home continuously without recourse to a Nursing Home facility. Penns Mount is their home and remains their home, which is what everyone wants.

Our care home has been adapted to cater for the needs of the over 60’s, with a focus on mental stimulation, your well-being and a highly supportive care team. We also promote physical independence wherever possible through a range of engaging activities which ensure that you are able to enjoy life to your full potential.

In terms of accommodation, Penns Mount is the ideal choice if your needs require care or assistance without the worries that living independently in your own apartment or house can bring. We are able to cater for 22 residents at any one time, including couples and singles, with a stunning choice of rooms boasting magnificent views of the local scenery and our beautifully maintained gardens and grounds.

The rooms themselves have been adapted for those with physical disabilities and also for those in the early and late stages of dementia. There is also an electronic call system so that a member of staff can respond instantly whenever help is needed.

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As well as providing a wide range of activities and community-based interaction for you, we also like to include family members in our support system. At Penns Mount, relatives are encouraged to visit as often as possible as it is important to remember that you benefit greatly when your loved ones feel involved in the homes family life being an integral part of your regular lifestyle.

Of course, we want everyone to be happy when they stay with us, which is why we also allow you stay on a temporary basis before committing to a longer period.

When you book a place at our local care home, you can rest assured that you will feel peaceful, mentally stimulated, fully included, and safe and secure whilst be enjoying the luxury and necessity of balanced, home cooked meals with expert and dedicated nutrition fulfilling your dietary requirements.

Whether you are a semi-independent couple or individual in search of a fulfilling life with assisted living facilities or complete care, and you are in search of a loving and peaceful environment with all of the appropriate support services in place, our team at Penns Mount will provide.

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